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  1. bdoran May 22, 2014
    Sorry, a little to quick! Some of my invoices use a form of invoice discounting, and may be discounted by 0.5% to 1% depending on how quickly they are paid. Is it possible to adjust the discount on the invoice after it is issued?

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Peter Connor Staff May 22, 2014

Sure you can edit the invoice up to the point it’s been paid, you should see the edit button. You can still edit it after it’s been paid but then we’ll issue a credit note and do some hokie pokie in your accounts that would bore the life out of you, so we do it automatically. Better to do it before recording payment.
Can you ping me your email address. We’re bring out a new version of invoices I think you’re going to love, I’d like to share it with you mail me at peter at 


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