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Is it possible to archive old years accounts? Currently everything is together and I am concerned I may add the wrong year, say 2013, to a new invoice and mess up this year’s and 2013 accounts

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Peter Connor Staff January 18, 2016

I’m afraid not. The product is setup for SMB’s so we don’t close out years that’s kind of for larger companies. SMB’s work day to day – month to month etc. So we reflected that in our product. 
Bullet always works in “today”, so creating an invoice in 2013 won’t happen unless you change the date to 2013.
Tks Pete

  1. mcmanclaire January 18, 2016
    Afraid I don't update my accounts daily so always change the date!
  2. Peter Connor January 18, 2016
    Cool - it will always pick the date of you login.

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