Are invoices e-mailed automatically once created

Hi newbie here – just wondering if an invoice is automatically e-mailed once it is created or does it have to be e-mailed manually by clicking the icon in invoices overview. I would like to create the invoice but send it to the client at a later date. Also, is it possible to download and print the invoice and then send it in the post, mark it as sent, without ever dispatching an e-mail? This particular client would like to receive a paper invoice. Thanks.

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Peter Connor Staff September 21, 2016

When you create an invoice it’s not automatically sent, at the end of the end of the invoice process you’ll be presented with some options to send, submit etc. Click email there and they’ll be sent. 
If you click on the invoice you’ll see at the top a history of the invoice, sent, read, etc. 
Thanks Pete


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