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I am interested in your software (I use Xero), however crucial for me is to automate invoices for my hosting and domain renewal services. Can I do it in HQ?
What I mean. I need to create all my hosting renewals upfront with dates to pay. I need these invoices to be send month before payment date (and if possible with another reminder week before). I need this to work automatically based on invoicing dates provided. Is that possible. Set it and forget it. This will occur same date every year. So it needs to be annually repeating.
Thanks in advance for your reply.



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Peter Connor Staff July 8, 2014

Hi Mike,
Thanks for your question. We don’t have a set-up and leave function because we calculate your vat we didn’t want vat to be auto calculated unknown to people. We’ll be rebuilding the invoice tool this summer and will be introducing that feature though.
In the mean time you can create invoice line templates and you can also copy your last invoice. 
We do have an API if you are a developer that you can use to execute invoices from your hosting product.

Let me know if they suit?


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