bad debt

I have received 30% payment for an invoice, how do I mark the rest as a bad debt?

  1. And for non payment of invoices at all?
  2. Peter Connor October 8, 2014
    Hi Alan,

    Technically if you've created and sent an invoice and the client hasn't paid any of it you'll need to create a credit note for 100% of the invoice.


  3. The system just hangs when I try and make a credit note for the full amount of an invoice. Any idea?
  4. Peter Connor October 9, 2014
    Hi Alan,

    Can you raise a private ticket (click the ?) with in Bullet and give me the following information please.

    1) What's the email your account is under?
    2) Details of the credit note so we can have a look?

  5. Working fine now! Thanks

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Peter Connor Staff September 2, 2014

Hi Claire,
The best way to handle this is to create a credit note. So mark the invoice as partially paid (the 30%) and then create a credit not for the rest. 
See below. Thanks Pete


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