Bank Accounts: Individual Bank Account Balances

Bank Accounts: Individual Bank Account Balances

I can see total of all bank account balances on a particular date in bullet ledger report.
How can I see balances for individual bank accounts on  a particular date?

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Peter Connor Staff July 28, 2014

We dont show individual bank totals in our reports. This is because those reports show accounting entries for “Bank Account” Account – which is part of the standard set of Chart of Accounts – so we don’t have account books for each individual bank account. In other words, the reports show accounting entries, and not bank transactions.  
Sorry if this has caused any issue, we gather all feedback from the community and implement frequently requested featured. I’ve added your quest to our list, thanks for the feedback. 

  1. bulletca July 28, 2014
    I work as accounting and bookkeeping agency. In any software I have worked, there is essential feature that you can always reconcile individual bank accounts with the help of individual bank account balances. It becomes very difficult to reconcile individual bank accounts without knowing their respective balances on a particular date. So I recommend this feature to be implemented in banking section if not possible in ledger. The best choice is that you can add an extra column for daily balances in the "Bank Transactions" window.
    I hope you will take appropriate actions promptly.

    Thank you

  2. Peter Connor July 28, 2014
    Hi Abdul,

    Thanks for your feedback. We haven't had this request yet, but like I mentioned we've added it to our list so it's on our radar.

    Thanks again Pete
  3. Hi Pete, just to add to this request also. Our bookkeeper is having great difficulty in finding an accounting error. He expects to be able to see Bullet's view of a bank account for a given date (its balance), to be able to compare that with the actual balance for that date.
  4. Peter Connor March 9, 2015
    Hi Eoin,

    Cool - we'll be looking at the rec engine during the UI update so this request is in the list of UI changes we're doing over the next 3mths.


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