Bullet Free Online Accounting Software Training?

Q: Bullet Free Online Accounting Software Training?

Hi, just wondering if you were aware of anyone offering training in using Bullet?

  1. Peter Connor July 31, 2014
    Hi D,

    We don't have any training on Bullet - the product is designed to be self service with all the accounting logic built into the software.

    What areas are you have problems with?
  2. Thanks Peter,

    I had tried the bank reconciliation and there were a few entries that I couldn't match up. I'll give it another go and come back with some more specific questions.
  3. Peter Connor August 5, 2014
    Hi Dl,

    Sure, let me know what issues you're having. Just keep an eye on the banks feed, sometimes the banks include fees into the final amount. You'll have to create a separate bill for the bank feed. Pete

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