Can i have more than one email for a client.

I have a number of situations that there is more than one contact for a client depending on the job i do and the person that I deal with for that company. Is it possible to have different emails associated with a client so that i can send the invoice to different people within the one company depending on the job i do.

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Peter Connor Staff July 29, 2015

Hi Andy, 
The product is really designed for SMB’s who mainly sell to other SMB’s, or accounts payable in larger companies. One way to do it and it’s a easy work around is something like this. 
AIB: John 
AIB: Clare 
AIB: Frank 
Each one you can associate specific details with. Don’t forget on invoices etc, you can simply use the comma and add as many email address as you like. 
Hope that helps Andy.

richie September 28, 2015

I would use this feature also. I often deal with companies who have different people organising different projects etc.  I generally have the financial officer as the main account contact. But having a quick dropdown list of other contacts in that company to CC would be handy.

  1. Peter Connor October 2, 2015
    Good point Richie, you've seen the changes in the bullet app so it's coming :)

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