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Peter Connor Staff December 18, 2015

No but it only shows up in the invoice if you put something in it. Why do you want to remove it?

  1. capelectrical December 18, 2015
    Because if I use the templates and send them to a client, they might want to start negotiating Discounts. As I am in a mainly service industry any discounts would be already included or agreed to. It's not a problem at the moment as I am only starting to use your system, but already I can see that I might use it more than I thought at first.
  2. capelectrical December 18, 2015
    Also, the Sales invoices that I am inputting at the moment have already been paid and there doesn't seem to be a section stating when they were paid. Only a Due Date.
  3. Peter Connor December 18, 2015
    Sure, but the client only sees "discount" if you put one in. If you look at the preview in the invoice creation page you'll see what I mean. Here is a video
  4. Peter Connor December 18, 2015
    Sales invoices - you need to mark them as Paid when you're creating them.
  5. capelectrical December 18, 2015
    Excellent, thanks
  6. Peter Connor December 18, 2015
    No problem

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