Cash Flow Report

Building my knowledge and enjoying using features in Bullet. One question – looking through the reports – I can’t see a cash flow report. Am I not seeing it or is it planned for the future ?

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john_bullet Staff March 17, 2014

Hi Richie,
There isn’t a cashflow report available right now.  We’re working on a few more features at the moment, but we will be revisiting our reporting section.  We want to hear the reports that people find useful so that we can ensure they are included when we revamp that section.

  1. richiebowden March 18, 2014
    Thanks John. Appreciate you have a list of requests that you're working. Look forward to the cashflow report whenever. I am available to participate in a beta test if you need any assistance.

  2. Zconcept April 1, 2014
    HI John,
    I second that one - Cash (flow) is king in running my company so anything you can produce on that end would be welcome. Cash-flow forecasting would be smashing! Happy to assist as well in this one btw.

  3. richiebowden January 8, 2016
    Hi John,

    Just checking back to see if there is any update on the availability of a cashflow report?



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