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Hi guys 
I attempted to change my cost of sales (via the P&L) for April 2015 and was prevented because I had already made a tax return. So I deleted the payments for P30 and VAT3 in question. This however did not result in allowing me to adjust my Cost of Sales and also I don’t seem to be able to find the P30 and VAT3 in question to remark them as paid. I did this before making retrospective changes and the unpaid taxes appeared on the home page in red but not this time for some reason…
Have I made a complete nuts of this? Also any idea how I change my Cost of Sales figure for April?
Many Thanks 

  1. shanedl June 18, 2015
    Ok all sorted! apologies! :) - Went into 'Tax' and mark as unpaid there, then make changes and then go back into 'Tax' and remark as paid.

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Peter Connor Staff June 18, 2015

Hi Shane, 
That’s cool – You beat me too it. Just be aware we don’t update the tax returns after the changes, you’ll need to manually adjust them with your accountant. 


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