Change Where The Account Where The Free Expenses App Comes From?

Q: Change Where The Account Where The Free Expenses App Comes From?

How do I change the account receipts are paid from

  1. Peter Connor November 20, 2014
    Hi Emma,

    I see you can't from the front end. Let me talk to our technical team and get back to you. Later today is that's ok.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  2. Hi, is there any update on this
  3. Peter Connor December 17, 2014
    Hi Emma,

    I'm sorry I thought I came back to you on this. I'm afraid there is no way of choosing the bank account. It will always default to the main bank account (first one on the list).

    We kept everything very simple as we wanted small businesses to have less configurations requests, but we can see how this could be a problem.

    We're looking to fix this in the NY.

    Sorry again for the delay in coming back.


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