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I received an email letting me know that your product has received updates to the invoice templates – but still no way to access fonts/layouts/custom information etc? Is this correct?

I currently pay for an invoicing solution that I don’t like (its cloud solution is not great, and no sign of improvement) and have been looking to switch every January (start of financial year) for the last three, but at least with my current product I can create custom invoices. I like everything about your product – ease of use, truly in the cloud, based in my home town – but not being able to do something as simple as move the logo, or change its size, or access different fonts is a trick missed I think.

Do you plan to add these features? I hope so as I’d switch now if they were available.
Finn in Dublin

  1. john_bullet January 12, 2015
    Hi Finn,

    In invoice brandings, you can choose between 3 (at the moment) invoice templates - each has a different look and feel, etc. Perhaps take a look at those to see if one satisfies your needs.

    Custom invoices is a feature we're looking into, but we'll be introducing other new features first (all around getting your clients to pay you faster!).

  2. where can I find these invoice template options on your site?

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