Do you know I can get the last P60’s created for my employees?

Do you know I can get the last P60’s created for my employees? I know I generated them through Bullet back in February but I didn’t download one of them and I need to get it.

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Peter Connor Staff February 18, 2014

Hi Chris. Go to My Company > Employees – select the employee you want and click on p60 on the right-hand side menu. Select the year and away you go! 

  1. Thanks. Just figured it out before you emailed me.

    Two small issues with the product.
    1.) The quick jump to tab keeps jumping on me. Once I click it it jumps down then back up and does that 2/3 times before it stays. I'm using Firefox browser so may be an issue there.
    2.) When adding a mileage expense and you go Donegal to Dublin then Dublin to Donegal when you complete the return journey. After the return journey is complete I click 'same again' and it reads it as the Dublin to Donegal journey but I mean for it to go back to the initial journey of Donegal to Dublin and then for me to add the return journey after that. It's not a big deal at all really but I just though I'd share that from my own user experience as to the way I think about.
  2. Peter Connor February 18, 2014
    Cheers for the feedback Chris. We'll take a look at those and look to make them better

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