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Peter Connor Staff October 10, 2015

Indeed we’ll be making the reporting even better before Christmas. 
The idea of including VAT was mainly around protecting people’s cash flow. People always underestimate how much VAT adds up 🙁

  1. johnny d October 10, 2015
    Thanks - surely current figures that include VAT makes me look richer than I am, as VAT needs to come out.
    anyway, if you can that would be great
  2. Peter Connor October 10, 2015
    We'll be building much smarter reports, it's a balance between simplicity and getting people to put the right info in.
  3. johnny d October 10, 2015
    Guess I should run a report, Thanks Pete. any plans to make screencast 'how-to' videos
  4. Peter Connor October 10, 2015
    Ha, we'll we'll be making simple reports to track profit around projects etc. Then we'll be allowing you export stuff to a new kind of excel that will allow you build all kind of reports.
  5. johnny d October 10, 2015
    I am recording 116 for a local project management software house
  6. johnny d October 10, 2015
    and 20 for SwiftQueue in Dublin
  7. Peter Connor October 10, 2015
    We keep away from video as the product updates so much. The minute we make one it's out of date. We use Gifs quite a bit, they work well and run on mbl etc.

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