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Peter Connor Staff May 8, 2016


  1. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
  2. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    Well, I'm creating a wage slip for myself. I've just started taking a salary of 2500 gross. So when I create the first salary slip OK I see that the salary is deducted by 212.50 for tax. But when I go and put in April's spreadsheet then it's deducted by 508! By the time I get to June I'll have no salary left :) What am I doing wrong?
  3. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    By the way this is a great service! And fantastic you have chat support.
  4. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    I only started taking a salary since February - it was paid 2nd March
  5. Peter Connor May 8, 2016
    Did you import a p2c file?
  6. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    What is that?
  7. Peter Connor May 8, 2016
    So there is the problem. You've never done this before?
  8. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    Oh I see that entry in the menu now. OK I will apply for and import that. How will that affect the problem I'm currently having. I just rang them to clarify my tax credits, so at least they are right.
  9. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    The other Advanced details I just put in the default you provided on the site. Shouldn't the payslip deduct the same amount every month?
  10. Peter Connor May 8, 2016
    People always make mistakes entering data into Payroll. We're planning on deleting the manual entry forms and just pushing people to the P2C file.
    Here is a guide you should read. The instructions for P2C's etc are all on it. Once revenue send it to you just import it into Bullet and you're account will be setup right.
    Tax is cumulative with cut off points, so it's never the same. Just use the P2C file and everything will be perfect. :)
  11. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    Sorry are you responding? I am hearing a chat beep but don't see any text.
  12. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    OK Thanks Pete.
  13. Peter Connor May 8, 2016
    Just import the file and everything will work. Payroll is complex and has all kinds of cut off points etc. The P2C file is set by revenue so if it's wrong it's revenue. But, revenue are always right!
  14. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    Pete I don't see a mention of the p2c file in the document and all of the Revenue numbers are lo call. I'm based in the Netherlands. I'm logged into ROS - but can't see where I can download that either. No one responds to my 'MyInquiries' emails either
  15. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    My question is do I have to ring to get that p2c file for the company?
  16. Peter Connor May 8, 2016
    Page 8 of the doc, you need to register yourself as an employee.
    Go to revenue and click on contacts and click on your district and you'll find a number you can call.
    They'll mail you when it's on ROS. You can ring, call, send them a letter.
    Tks P
  17. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    Sorry Pete, I got the P2C file from ROS but when I try to upload it to BulletHQ it says "Invalid Data
    This P2C file appears to contain invalid data. Has it been modified since downloading from ROS?"
    I haven't touched it. Do you have any ideas?
  18. Peter Connor May 8, 2016
    Are you sure you didn't try and open it. Even opening it corrupts it. Just download it and upload it.
  19. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    Thanks! Yes that worked.
  20. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    Hi Pete (sorry I'll be out of your hair soon), I've tried to create the two payslips again but still my take home pay in Feb is 2,287 and in March it's 1992.58. I don't understand this.
  21. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    Gross is 2500
  22. Peter Connor May 8, 2016
    Tax is cumulative, there are cut rates (marriage allowance, tax free credits etc) , different breaks, 12 months in the year etc etc. No One ever gets the same salary
  23. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    OK Pete, thanks very much for your help. I will follow up with the rest with the accountant. I thought I had been doing something wrong. Many thanks
  24. Peter Connor May 8, 2016
    No no.
    So you get a tax free allowance of 2k.
    Month one pay yourself 1k, tax 0K (1k from your tax free allowance)
    Month two pay yourself 1k, tax 0k (1k + 1k from your tax free allowance)
    Month three pay yourself 1k, tax 45% (0k left in your tax free allowance)
    There are lots of breaks like that in Tax.

  25. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    Ah yes, I see now. I created one for May and the tax is stabilising. It's 1982 similar to 1996 for March but both are different from the first month.
  26. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    Getting the hang of it :)
  27. Peter Connor May 8, 2016
    It never makes sense. Trust me
  28. hirsch.jo May 8, 2016
    Good to know it's not just me!

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