Hello, There is something I do not understand on the payrol and I have a VAT question too

Hello, There is something I do not understand on the payrol and I have a VAT question too

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Peter Connor Staff November 14, 2016

Shoot. On the payroll did you import the p2c file or did you do it manually?

  1. i imported the file
  2. but had to manually add soething for 12 aug to 12 oct
  3. as the file sent by ROS was only covering from 13 of october onwads
  4. although I mentiioned to them that I started on 12 of August
  5. the first 2 months were ok
  6. but the numbers in novermber are incorrect I think
  7. Peter Connor November 14, 2016
    Cool - I wont be able to help you on the payroll question. It's human error and we can't investigate human error in accounts. The Payroll software is fully and heavily tested any issue with the P2C file we can look at. Your accountant will be able to investigate it for you. Sorry about that.
    What's the question on the VAT issue?
  8. can I edit the Payrol information? If I request another p2c file will it let me update my details and recalculate?
  9. Peter Connor November 14, 2016
    Sure, it will update everything.
  10. Peter Connor November 14, 2016
    But, it won't fix your errors you'll need to do that manually. It should take too long for an accountant to fix.
  11. I am mostly interested about the next PAYE
  12. for Novemner
  13. as it is incorrect at the moment - this is the one with teh P2C file and it should be S PRSI
  14. I think the numbrs are too high..
  15. Peter Connor November 14, 2016
    Cool - your accountant can advise.
  16. now regarding VAT
  17. regarding VAT - the software calculates VAT for the two month period. But there are VAT transactions on the period before. My accountant recommends that I consolidate the two VAT periods and send the consolidated numbers to ROS for the two periods (june-august and september-october).
  18. how can I manually consolidate?
  19. would I need to open the VAT files or is there a way to display on screen?
  20. Peter Connor November 14, 2016
    We're you registered for VAT when you created all your bills/invoices?
  21. I was registered for vat from september
  22. but some bills have been paid by me in August and I wanted them refunded
  23. (a hotel)
  24. should I just make their VAT element to zero?
  25. and claim them as a business expense with no VAT element?
  26. Peter Connor November 14, 2016
    You can change the VAT periods from 2-4-6 months going into Tax / Tax Payment Frequency. Your accountant doesn't define when you should pay your VAT, Revenue do.
    You can put a request into Revenue to change times, but they usually do it automatically if your VAT returns are low they might bulk them up.
    Apart from changing the Tax Period or editing the invoice there is no way to 'merge', tax returns. I'm a bit lost as to why you'd bother with all that hassle. The returns are created automatically for you. Download, Upload and pay. Can't get simpler then that.
    Anyway, my advise would be to keep well away from manually editing your accounts for this, again there is no way to do this in Bullet. Bullets designed for zero thinking accounts, people don't want options they just want 'hey, here is your return' blush
    Contact Revenue if you want to change your VAT return frequency. As mentioned above that's pretty easy to change in Bullet.
    Hope that helps. Pete
  27. thanks - it does..
  28. to pay for the payroll package how do I do this?
  29. it is on its last 2 days
  30. Peter Connor November 14, 2016
    Cool - The best advice I give every company is just keep it simple. You just want to focus on your business and make sure you're compliant. Bullet does that for you 24/7. Being clever just leads to accounting fees blush
    If you want to be clever on tax reduction, forget about heating bills, bins, coffees. Just track your mileage and overnight stays. The public sector use it to bump salaries under the radar, it's hugely lucrative.
    Sure, when the time expires and you next login you'll be prompted to pay.
    Sorry I can't give you more assistance on the Payroll question. We use to chase them probably spending 1-3 hours per call, but 100% of the time it was human error. We can't charge for that and we like to keep the costs as low as possible for customers.
  31. understood
  32. thank you for the advise
  33. cannot unfortunately track overnight stays as I am London based and only in Dublin for the work which unfortunately makes the temporary dublin address to the Irish company my only Irish address so I cannot charge anything appart from the hotel and subsistance. Have been running UK companies as director for 15+ years but Ireland is different..
  34. thank you for the help
  35. will sort out payroll - may need a discussion with ROS help for that
  36. Peter Connor November 14, 2016
    Cool - glad to help.
  37. I have uploaded the VAT for the accounting period - how do I make it disappear from the to-do list?
  38. Peter Connor November 14, 2016
    Just make it as done.
  39. Peter Connor November 14, 2016
    You'll see the instructions on the pop out.

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