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Peter Connor Staff May 1, 2016

What’s MOSS?

  1. alan21 May 1, 2016
    Hi Peter
  2. alan21 May 1, 2016
    Its revenue's multi VAT system for charging local VAT on EU product sales
  3. alan21 May 1, 2016
  4. Peter Connor May 1, 2016
    We are looking to create reports for VAT RTD which is similar but I'll ask are they the same thing.
  5. alan21 May 1, 2016
    ok thanks
  6. alan21 May 1, 2016
    Got this from my accountant...
  7. alan21 May 1, 2016
    We will have to register Soma For the Moss system. And you will have to Keep a record of all the sales in different EU countries with their proper vat rate.
  8. alan21 May 1, 2016
    So I thought of BulletHQ
  9. alan21 May 1, 2016
    as looking to move out of excel fully
  10. Peter Connor May 1, 2016
    Cool - we'll you'll notice on the client section we ask those two questions so it sounds like VAT RTD
  11. Peter Connor May 1, 2016
    Excel is never a good idea for your accounts.
  12. alan21 May 1, 2016
    Ok thanks. Does the system already know the VAT rates per EU country?
  13. Peter Connor May 1, 2016
    No. I don't think any product does that.
    We just do VAT returns for Ireland.
  14. Peter Connor May 1, 2016
    Hi. So the tech team has come back. MOSS is different to Vat RTD. We don't support it and probably won't in the future.
  15. alan21 May 1, 2016
    So how do companies selling around EU charge VAT on your platform? Are their no product based companies in Ireland using BulletHQ?


  16. Peter Connor May 1, 2016
    Hi A. They just do it manually. We just create workflows for the most common tasks. People don't find value in tax returns so we stopped building them. :(
  17. alan21 May 1, 2016
    Strange as I believe this is now the law for selling products around EU from Ireland. I'm surprised this isn't a common feature request.
  18. Peter Connor May 1, 2016
    First I've heard of it. Vat RTD had been around for years but never enforced now it seems to be back on the agenda.
    Maybe MOSS is the same.

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