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Peter Connor Staff February 4, 2016

Hi Shane,
We don’t automate the Vat RTD or run a report for it (which is the same as doing the return).
So the best advice we give to start at the client level and find out who are international.
You can export all the bills and invoices so you can filter out all the Irish clients and run your totals from there.
Does that make sense?

  1. Luckily no international and all at 23% so can I just look at the vat report and calculate the the vat paid and the vat claimed from there.
  2. Peter Connor February 4, 2016
    Sure, we'll be doing a bigger post on it during the week.
    It's actually being law for years but kind of ignored by Revenue. Now they seem to be looking at it closer.
    Enjoy your Saturday
  3. Thanks you too. I'll look out for the post ,am i right in saying there will be a mismatch for me as sales figure will be higher than vat paid as I pay Vat on a receipts basis.
  4. Peter Connor February 4, 2016
    I'll ask John to come back to you on that Shane. I just make the site look pretty :(
    I've pinged him there so he'll come back to you in this message.
  5. Thank you!
  6. Peter Connor February 4, 2016
    Since the R&D is retrospective, you've probably paid most of the Vat anyway, but the R&D shouldn't change your liability since you're on receipt basis

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