Hi, Having a reconcilliation prob.when I import a csv file to reconcile a statement,

Hi, Having a reconcilliation prob.when I import a csv file to reconcile a statement,

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Peter Connor Staff January 10, 2016

Sure what’s the problem

  1. one of the transactions is a credit card payment.This shows in the import but the corresponding entry iin the bank account is not avaialble to recncilel against.System tells me it has 8 entries and one that it needs help with
  2. Peter Connor January 10, 2016
    So sometimes people get confused with Credit Card Payments as they think of them as a single bill. But your credit card "statement", actually is a collection of bills (Flights, Hotels, Fuel etc).
    So your credit card total is more like a bank transfer rather than a bill.
    Here is more information on our community site on Credit Cards. If you want to pay a full credit card bill go to Money Out > Bill or Expense > Credit Card Payment.
    Hope that helps
  3. hmm.not really.A payment from my current account to my credit card account using the routine "I paid my credit card bill" shows up in the current account as a "Bank transfer to Credit Card"
  4. when i import a csv file to reconcile the current account the csv file has the amount that was transferred however , this "bank transfer to credit card" amount that should be showing on the current account is missing and I cant reconcile fully the imported file.
  5. Peter Connor January 10, 2016
    Step 1: You've transfer the money from your bank to the credit card.
    Step 2: You've followed the "I paid my credit card bill" in Bullet.
    When you import the bank statement the "transferred amount", is showing but you can't find Step 2?
  6. i followed the "i paid my credit card bill" in Bullet and this created a payment from the current account to the credit card account.
  7. the amount was €397.62. when i want to reconcile the current account, i import a csv file which has 9 items on it.All are payments from the current account including the transfer of €397.62
  8. Bullet tells me that it cannot find a corresponding transaction of €397.62 in the current account to reconcile.It can find the other 8 items but not the one that was created using the "i paid my credit card bill".However I can see this item when I look at the current account bank statement.
  9. Peter Connor January 10, 2016
    Ok, we'll have a look for and get back to you. Pete
  10. thanks. Im wondering if reconciling the credit card account has marked this item as already reconciled and hiding it from the current account...?
  11. Peter Connor January 10, 2016
    It won't hide it from the current account but it will hide it from the list of things Bullet can't match, cause it's matched.
  12. so is it a case of ignoring it? Of leaving any inter bank transactions that are already reconciled off of the csv file?
  13. Peter Connor January 10, 2016
    We'll have a look this evening and get back to you.
  14. Thanks just another quick one. Is there a way reconcile several transactions at once? Is there any other way of working except to scroll from the "Match This" at the top of the reconcilliation page, to the "Approve and Next" at the bottom, one item at at time?
  15. Peter Connor January 10, 2016
    Hi Gerry,
    At the moment, if you reconcile an item in Bullet against a bank transaction, you can't reconcile it with another bank transaction. In your example of the credit card bill, it it not currently possible to reconcile the bullet credit card bill both against the current account money out and credit card money in. We are looking at ways to make this better, but for the moment you could ignore the bank transaction that can't be reconciled, since the other bank transaction has been reconciled against the Bullet item.
    On the workflow - it's only possible to reconcile one item at a time.
    I hope this makes sense - let me know if you have any questions.
  16. John,many thanks for getting back to me,i was guessing that this was the case. The imported transactions will just have to show the item as unreconciled for the moment.Work flow wise, maybe an "Approve and Next" button at the top of the page would help.
  17. cheers
  18. Peter Connor January 10, 2016
    No problem Gerry, and thanks for the suggestion too - we'll look into that.
  19. I'm having the exact same issue. It won't pick up my bank transfers from the list when I try to reconcile them with the credit card statements

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