Hi, I have a query on doing a P60, we have 53 pay dates for 2015 but the P60 is showing 52 weeks

Hi, I have a query on doing a P60, we have 53 pay dates for 2015 but the P60 is showing 52 weeks

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Peter Connor Staff February 4, 2016

Ok, I’ll pass this over to Wages and they’ll get back to you. Is it for a particular employee?

  1. They are all the same, but my employee in this case is Ilze Medne
  2. In week 53 the USC shot up from €8.16 to €24 Euro on exactly the same gross
  3. We tested this in Thesaurus and it did not happen
  4. By the way - whos is Princess? my name is Chris
  5. Peter Connor February 4, 2016
    I know it was a joke Chris. Most people using Bullet are trying to escape the accounting feel.
    Cool - I'll pass this over to John and he'll get back to you later today on this.
    Thanks Pete
  6. Thanks Pete
  7. Peter Connor February 4, 2016
    No prob Chris. He'll get to this today. New Year has a lot of payroll Q's coming in. It's the most tested part of the app, so he'll explain the reason. Tax can be calculated in an odd way that makes it look like a mistake but it's just working around a non metric calendar usual.
  8. okay
  9. Peter Connor February 4, 2016
    Hi Chris,
    We are awaiting a clarification from Revenue to one of our questions that is related to your P60 query - Once we hear from Revenue, I'll let you know what the next steps are.
    Also, Revenue had previously advised that USC Week 53 should be processed on an emergency basis. In mid-December 2015, Revenue retrospectively changed this advice. They published a new version of the USC FAQ: http://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/usc/universal-social-charge-faqs.pdf This new version states that Week 53 USC should now be processed with week one USC credits. Unfortunately, this came too late to roll out and test an update for 2015.
    If you have paid your employees for week 53 for your employees in 2015, they may be due a refund for USC. Please contact Revenue to arrange the refund.

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