Hi, I Have To Complete A VAT RTD Along With My Normal VAT 3?

Q: Hi, I Have To Complete A VAT RTD Along With My Normal VAT 3?

  1. Brookwood May 12, 2014
    Can it be done easily with your package?

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Peter Connor Staff May 12, 2014

Hi Brookwood,

We automate the Vat 3 returns for you. So when your vat 3 return is due you’ll see it appearing in the dashboard on your todo list, you click it, download the file and then upload it into ROS and it’s all done. 
We don’t automate the RTD return you’ll have to manually do that.
Any other questions?

  1. I too am filling in a VAT RTD. When you export a list of invoices for the year it does not break down the different VAT rates. How do you get this information?
  2. Peter Connor January 7, 2015
    Hi Brookwood,

    We currently don't run a VAT RTD report or a breakdown on VAT. Right now you'll have to go through each invoice.

    We've added this to the development doc to create a report for you.


  3. richiebowden January 6, 2016
    Peter - good to see this added to the roadmap :)
  4. Peter Connor January 7, 2016
    Thanks Richie ;)

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