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Peter Connor Staff June 25, 2016

Hi Gerry. We’re just in Alpha at the moment with our Android app. So should be releasing it in the next 1-2weeks in beta. 🙂

  1. gerrysaras June 25, 2016
    Great, can the interface be accessed successfully on an Android tablet ?
  2. Peter Connor June 25, 2016
    Sure any web connected device. Once it's not too small. Your not going to do your accounts on the phone!
  3. gerrysaras June 25, 2016
    Great, it's a very uncomplicated interface - I like that! I've been using Excell but it gets messy when you're loading / uploading files all the time.One last thing on my mind
  4. gerrysaras June 25, 2016
    Sorry hit enter too soon One last thing on my mind; what are the migratory options in the event of your discontinuing the product ?
  5. Peter Connor June 25, 2016
    Excel is terrible.
    Click on Settings top right and you'll see an option to export all data in raw format, not to mention you can export your management reports.
  6. gerrysaras June 25, 2016
    I see that, I'm pretty sure I'll go with this. Does the blue bullet URL dissapear from invoices if I purchase paid add ons ?
  7. Peter Connor June 25, 2016
    Yep. You can take payments and all kinds of fancy stuff
  8. gerrysaras June 25, 2016
    Great, can you apply discount to an invoice subtotal instead of a on a particular line item ?
  9. Peter Connor June 25, 2016
    No, cause line items could have separate vat %.
  10. gerrysaras June 25, 2016
    Of course, when I email a customers draft invoice to myself; it says it comes from gerry@ - how can I change that to accounts@ (BTW on this interface page your advisory: " The invoice will included as a link in an email, or just mark it as sent " is missing the word "be")
  11. Peter Connor June 25, 2016
    Gerry, have a play with Bullet it's designed for that. Everything you'll need is only two clicks away.
    Settings will contain everything like this and invoice settings everything specific to invoices. Let me know how you get on
  12. gerrysaras June 25, 2016
    Hi Peter, been playing with it and learning loads for the last weeks but can't see how to have invoices appear coming from accounts@ and not my login
  13. Peter Connor June 25, 2016
    Hi Garry, that's great.
    So with this you'll have to add an other user called accounts@saraschoice.com if you want the mails to come from accounts@ you'll have to login as that user.
    Bullet sends the invoice from the user account that is signed in.
    If you sign-in as garry@ it gets sent from garry@, accounts@ from accounts@ etc.

    Does that make sense?
  14. gerrysaras June 25, 2016
    easy, great thanks !
  15. Peter Connor June 25, 2016
  16. gerrysaras June 25, 2016
    Hi Peter, I created a demo client with my own email address. I created an invoice and mailed it but I received no email, any idea why ?
  17. Peter Connor June 25, 2016
    Hi Gerry,
    You'll need to check your settings. We execute 90k mails a month. So there is a constant test running on the service. We'll know there is a problem before you. :)
    Check the spelling on your email too.
  18. gerrysaras June 25, 2016
    Ok, I'll double check Ta
  19. Peter Connor June 25, 2016
  20. Hi Pete, any updates on the Android app?

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