Hi Pete, I didn’t hear anything further back on my query yesterday. Can you advise?

Hi Pete, I didn’t hear anything further back on my query yesterday. Can you advise?

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Peter Connor Staff December 6, 2016

Hi Cormac, 

I came back to you yesterday. This is what I said. 
Thanks Pete
Hi C,
Best not to use this mail for support I’m out and about a lot and slow sometimes to come back. The whole team get the chat notifications.

  • We’ll have a look at the template. It’s actually not used that much as a template. But it won’t be soon with the schedule we have.

– You can reset your invoice numbers any time. The system takes your number and increments it by +1 that’s the only logic in the system everything else would be too complex for the front end. So if you type with A1111 the next one will be A1112.
Thanks C

  1. okay, sorry. in relation to the quotes increment. It's currently set at EST-230 every time I go to create a new quote. I wanted this changed to 312 and automatically increment from there.
  2. when I type in 312, the next time I do a new quote it will still be set at EST-230
  3. Peter Connor December 6, 2016
    Sure no problem. The new convo's keep those Q&A's blending into one another.

    You want to numbering to go from '312', to 'EST-230'. The quote numbering engine just adds +1 to the last number that's all it does, nice and simple.
    We wont be changing that ever, it's too complex to build a custom quote engine, letters, numbers, symbols, logic behind them all etc etc. Nobody would use it as we never get asked about it.
    +1 that's they way it works, you can create dummy invoices to get sequence you're happy with.
    You can reset the starting number whenever you want it will just add +1 to that, once it's not duplicating.
    You can of course override the system to anything you want manually. My co-founder used a numbering sequence that reflected the date of invoices, he manually does it.
    Hope that helps Cormac.
    Thanks Pete
  4. No, I wanted EST-230 to be altered to start with 312. That is the quote sequence I'm on. Everytime I go to do a quote, I have to first check the previous number used so I don't duplicate.
  5. If it can't be changed, it can't be changed!
  6. re the template, I would have thought that most clients have terms & conditions to add into their estimates/quotes. When you add these in using the red or black templates, they get placed under a heading about payment. It's just a bit confusing and so we're not availing of these add-on templates for quotations.
  7. Peter Connor December 6, 2016
    Hi C,
    Maybe I'm not reading you right.
    Here is me creating http://recordit.co/3Q1uDTL1xq 3 est's. First creating EST 230, then changing it to Est 312 and then creating another Est which automatically changed to Est 313 (+1)
    So it can be changed, it also won't let you duplicate as I mentioned before, so there is no need to check. The idea of invoice, estimate numbers is to be unique reference.
    They're terrible templates, I let a tech run free with them :) .
    The advanced invoicing app is more about recurring invoices, and creating multiple business profiles. As in if you've multiple businesses then you can afford to pay for the service, but if you don't we'll honor the free to help small biz.
    Hope that makes sense, let me know if I'm not answering your questions.
  8. Okay, so I see the issue. The difference in what I am doing is removing the EST part too and just leaving 312. But when I go back to the next quote it reverts back to EST-230. The reason I remove the EST is we mostly do quotes and again it's confusing having EST in a quote name!!
  9. re the template, we honestly are only paying this charge so we can have our terms & conditions added into a quote and we don't have to paste them in every single time (which is a pain and sometimes i forget). We don't have any other need for this...
  10. and yes, I've just tested the way you're doing it and it increments.... but it doesn't really work for us. I suppose we could do this way and just manually delete the EST part everytime.
  11. ps I would be very grateful if you could honour this service free in light that we are a small business but we also don't really have any functional use for it's core functionality (bar including t&c's on quotes)!! I guess all I can say is i always recommend BulletHQ at every Brown Bag lunch and networking event that we go to,...when someones queries ''what's the best accounts software to use..."
  12. Peter Connor December 6, 2016
    Est lets you know it's an estimate, they're legally separate to invoice, estimate is an invite to price, invoice is a binding document. That and they're very different in our product we're protecting you, also it feeds into your management accounts.
    If you use quote just change it.
    Cool thanks for your support :)
  13. Yes, I always select quote but it still leaves behind the EST- part when you select it to be a quote. I guess I can work with this method and just remove the EST text manually.
  14. oh and we usually choose quotes as clients like to get a concrete price upfront when they outline exactly what they want in the job.
  15. Peter Connor December 6, 2016

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