Hi Pete, we have put a new client up and we are creating an invoice but the client’s address is not appearing on the invoice. What are we doing wrong?

Hi Pete, we have put a new client up and we are creating an invoice but the client’s address is not appearing on the invoice. What are we doing wrong?

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Peter Connor Staff August 14, 2016

Have you logged in to the right company. Your email address is coming up as ,Did you login with that address?

  1. eileencast August 14, 2016
    yes, I have now.
  2. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    What address did you sign in with?
  3. eileencast August 14, 2016
    I originally went in as . Then Pat said to try and change the email address . I thought I had done that successfully but when I got logged out, it wouldn't allow me in using his email address.
  4. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    Did we not spend a hour discussing this this morning. csxxx1@gmail.com is the account you've to login with. That's the only account that will have your clients details in it.
  5. eileencast August 14, 2016
    yes we did but I spoke to Pat about it and we decided that we would keep csxxx1@gmail.com for Castleknock School of Music clients because the fees that come in for this goes to 1 bank account. And the fees that come in for Mini Music Academy goes to a separate bank account. So, Pat (who handles the accounts) figured it was better to keep it separate. So, there is no problem there. We are retaining all the clients that I put up on the system at csxxx1@gmail.com and that's perfect. Now, we are going to do the invoices for Mini Music Academy. We are doing a test here, have created a client, set up an invoice template but when we enter the client details into the invoice, only the name is entering into the invoice and not the address.
  6. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    Do you have 2 limited companies?
  7. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    What email address are you using to access Mini Music Academy the company you're trying to send the test email from?
  8. eileencast August 14, 2016
    Pete - we are sorry for all the hassle - not sure how we messed this up. We've been at it all day so maybe just a wee bit knackered now. We will review everything tomorrow when we are more fresh to see where we are going with it. Thanks again for all your help.
  9. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    Eileen, just answer me this. Are the companies you're running two separate LIMITED companies or are they just two operations you have?
  10. eileencast August 14, 2016
    oh hi Pete. Just 2 organisations
  11. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    Ok, then you can only have one set of accounts. That's common for people to get confused about it.
    You can have to seperate bank accounts, you can have a million bank accounts. But only one set of accounts. Unless you're a huge multi national.
    You can also setup two invoice templates so you can invoice people from different "organisations", but it's the one account.
    So just use one Bullet account. 1 it keeps things nice and simple and 2 the way you're doing it is wrong.
    Lets do this.
    You send me the name of the organization(s) details and I'll set them up in your account and send you a video explaining it all.
  12. eileencast August 14, 2016
    ok so 1. Can we have 2 invoice templates with the different logos displayed? 2. If parents from each organisation are paying fees, is it possible that they could lodge fees to the wrong account e.g. CSM lodging to MMA or vice versa? 3. Can we view this on multiple computers. 4. Can we limit what can be viewed on one computer i.e. that our receptionist can see what's due but not our full set of accounts etc.
  13. eileencast August 14, 2016
    Also, if 2 organisations are on the one account, will that not be very confusing for Pat. All clients are bunched in together from both organisations? Money in - is it like all in one big filing cabinet or are there systems in place for this?
  14. eileencast August 14, 2016
    If it's all very complicated, we could just do Mini Music Academy on bullet for now. We do have all our clients up on Tas as it stands and we have been using that for years but we really need an online system so maybe starting just with MMA would be a solution for us at present.
  15. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    Hi E, I'll answer your questions here. You are making it very complicated for yourselves and you're still not doing it right. I'll answer your Q's here.
  16. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    You can have multiple trading names (org's) on Bullet you can have a 100's of them. Here is http://recordit.co/dyiqQyozYR
    You can send separate invoices with seperate bank accounts like I showed you above.
    You can view it on any device connected to the internet, in any country.
    Yep you simple use Multi User mode to control access. Click on the cog in the right and you'll see Multi User access. http://recordit.co/08ROntzztY
    It doesn't matter if their bunched, the way he's doing it is illegal. You can only have one set of accounts per company.
    I'll setup the two brands for you on csxxx1@gmail.com where all your clients are.
  17. eileencast August 14, 2016
    Ok, I am going to talk to Pat about all of this. If you can set it up that would be great thanks.
  18. eileencast August 14, 2016
    Ok Pete - spoke to Pat. You're the expert so if you set that up and we will work from there. He understands about 1 set of accounts which is what he submits to the taxman every year. I think he thought it would be simpler to invoice without all the clients being under the same roof so to speak.... thanks a lot.. Eileen
  19. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    Cool. It's a tricky thing. People use the term '2 businesses', but in an accounting setup they're just the one. So technically you'd call it one business with two trading names.
    I've setup your two brands on the csxxx1@gmail.com account now.
    Can you give me the bank details for the corresponding company and I'll set that up too.
  20. eileencast August 14, 2016
    Ok - back shortly
  21. eileencast August 14, 2016
    Castleknock School of Music
  22. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    Ok what about Mini Music Academy you said they were going to have separate accounts for each org?
  23. eileencast August 14, 2016
    Ok - just a minute
  24. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    The IBAN should have some letter in before it. Like AIBIE 98
  25. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    Have you got the IBAN (long one) for Castleknock School of Music
  26. eileencast August 14, 2016
    i'm looking for it
  27. eileencast August 14, 2016
    Hi Pete, any folders on the computer i have looked in only has the info that i have given you and Pat had an appointment to meet someone at 7 so he's gone out. Can I text you that in the morning?
  28. eileencast August 14, 2016
    Is that number the iban for csm
  29. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    I've found it
  30. eileencast August 14, 2016
    oh right - that's great
  31. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    Hi So,
    I've setup both your invoice templates with the two organisations.
    I've setup both your bank accounts.
    Hope that helps.
  32. eileencast August 14, 2016
    that's great... so if we start invoicing MMA, then the full address of the customer should appear now because the Bullet account has been set up correctly?
  33. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    Yep see here.
  34. eileencast August 14, 2016
    Gotcha - that's fantastic. And to do the MMA one?
  35. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    Same list of clients.
  36. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    Same account, same company etc.
  37. eileencast August 14, 2016
    Yes, but can you bring up the MMA logo at the top of the invoice
  38. eileencast August 14, 2016
    But the invoice template you are bringing up has CSM logo at the top. To produce MMA invoices, we would need the MMA logo at the top. Can this be done?
  39. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    Yep. If you login to the account you can see everything.
  40. eileencast August 14, 2016
    Pete, that's great. We will work on all of that and hopefully we won't be wrecking your head too much. We will have a good look around it, familiarise ourselves with it and hopefully, we will be up to speed in no time. You really have been very helpful. Thanks a million and have a lovely evening.

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