Hi there i have a problem for process payroll for client can you help me please.

Hi there i have a problem for process payroll for client can you help me please.

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Peter Connor Staff October 3, 2016

Sure what’s the problem?

  1. fashionhot October 3, 2016
    thanks for reply
  2. fashionhot October 3, 2016
    i terminate employee name Mohammad and already issue P45.
  3. fashionhot October 3, 2016
    I got reverse his payment because the date of bank transfer and actual date date was process were different. Can you help to sort it this please.
  4. fashionhot October 3, 2016
    Employee name is Mohamed Benmaach
  5. Peter Connor October 3, 2016
    I don't really understand what you're saying.
    If you're looking to change dates around his termination, you can just click Wages > Employees > Mohamed Benmaach > and click edit at the bottom. Video here. http://recordit.co/reaYCxpUVc
    Then change his termination date and recreate his P45
  6. fashionhot October 3, 2016
    for the employee name mentioned above i already issued P45 but accidentally i reversed his payment
  7. Peter Connor October 3, 2016
    I don't understand what you mean by reversed his payment? Can you explain?
  8. fashionhot October 3, 2016
    ok. before i terminate him from bullet i paid his wages on 9/9/16 then i terminated him to processed his p45. P45 already issued but i accidentally amend his payment which is paid on 09/09/16 but now i cant pay him again because he already terminated
  9. fashionhot October 3, 2016
    Hope u understand
  10. fashionhot October 3, 2016
    please call me i can explain through here
  11. Peter Connor October 3, 2016
    We're not setup for phone support
    The same process should work.
    You need to delete his date of termination, same workflow as above just delete the date he was terminated, then save it.
    Then go to his payslips and delete the payslip you created that's wrong
    Then recreate the new one.
    Then terminate him again
    Then create the p45 the next day.
    That should do it for you.
    Let me know how you get on.
    Thanks Pete
  12. fashionhot October 3, 2016
    ok i try to do it
  13. fashionhot October 3, 2016
    Hi thanks very much its worked.

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