hi there-i’d like to use Bullet to keep my accounts from Jan 2014 and will input all the transactions.If i wanted to use the payroll function is it possible to do so from that date also? Thanks, Gerry

hi there-i’d like to use Bullet to keep my accounts from Jan 2014 and will input all the transactions.If i wanted to use the payroll function is it possible to do so from that date also? Thanks, Gerry

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Peter Connor Staff December 20, 2015

Hi Gerry, 
You can start using Bullet at any stage, there are no time constraints. 
If you’re starting payroll, do so after your last month’s pay. If you’re setting up employees use the P2C file to do it. Bullet will generate all your employees and all their tax’s instantly. 

Are you familiar with the P2C files. 

  1. thanks Pete-yes familiar with those. Ive been using Collsoft & an old version of TAS but would like to keep everything in one place and was searching for an option-Bullet looks friendly and covers most of the bases, although we have a retail side and I'm just working out how best to deal with cash payments. If I want to use Payroll from 2014 onwards will signing up allow me to use it retrospectively or is there a requirement to pay for 2014 and 2015 ?
  2. Peter Connor December 20, 2015
    Good. Well you can just import your P2C file and you'll be split up.
    We're quite different from Tas! But should be a lot easier and you get instant help as you can see.
    We're mainly focused on invoice based businesses but we've a lot of till users. The easiest thing to do is every day create a invoice with the days takings.
    Create a line item for each income type, cash, chq, credit card, etc. You can then just mark the invoice as paid.
    You speed this process up by simply creating "line items", or just copying yesterday's invoice and editing the data.
    Hope that helps.

  3. we had an american system Everest that I set up here for many years POS,ERP, CRM,stock, the whole shebang. Never worked properly, always in Beta. Id like to avoid that situation again!
  4. On the payroll front-we have seasonal staff.If we bring them into the payroll in say May and let them go again in September, is it the case that our payroll cost drops back in September to however many staff are left?
  5. Peter Connor December 20, 2015
    I can't never get over how expensive POS systems are. We get a lot of questions about Stock systems especially around merging Online/Offline.
    Sure we charge your for live staff. So once you issue them a p45 the system drops down, but if they're uses they get activated.
    If you look at the payroll pricing slider, once you go above 10 staff it drops to a 1€ per staff.
  6. Ha its not the cost I've no issues with that, I'm just trying understand how we can work with the system! Do you have plans to integrate POS? That would be fantastic if there was a SumUP-like payment /POS system..for smaller busineses like ourselves, I see a huge move to SumUP.
  7. I appreciate that you are busy, is this the forum for answering any questions that I might have over the next few weeks?I will only use it if necessary but would like to be sure it's appropriate..
  8. Peter Connor December 20, 2015
    Indeed, we don't as of yet. But it might be worth pinging them a mail. It's better to come from a supplier the a provider like us info@sumup.com :) . We've built an API to let companies integrate with us, anyone can use that.
    So we have a public forum for answering any questions this open to non Bullet users.
    We have this chat, and this is open to Bullet users. Usually the questions here end up on the public forum (it's how you get them started) unless there is a private question, and of course all personal details get stripped out.
    Never feel you can't ask a question here. We've built Bullet to be about community. Not the kind that get up on stage and talk about community but never answer your mail but who listen and answer.
    We usually get to a question here in under 4minutes.
  9. Thanks, yes ive looked at the public forum for answers and will begin there with any new queries.Will sign up for payroll and see how I get on..cheers, Gerry
  10. Peter Connor December 20, 2015
    Hi Gerry,
    If you've signed up to Bullet just click the (?) and talk to us. That's what were here for.

    Talk soon.


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