how do i create vat return

hi pete
i need to submit a vat3, but cannot see where i can create the details to do so.
thanks tara

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Peter Connor Staff November 7, 2015

Hi Tara,
We’re new in app support – when you click on the (?) you’ll get instant support.
When you’re VAT return is ready you’ll see a todo on the dashboard telling you so. You just download that file and then upload it to ROS.
Did you select VAT registered when you created your Bullet Account, or did you register for VAT post creating your Bullet account?

  1. taradalr November 7, 2015
    hi i have 2 companies on bullet, one is and one isnt vat registered. the one that isnt i created on bullet first. the one that is has my vat details in the settings, but i have never received a reminder re vat, so it looks like the company isnt set up for vat.

    how do we add the company as being vat registered thanks

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