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Peter Connor Staff October 18, 2015

Hi Karen,

We don’t generate VAT reports. When your return is ready we just generate the return with an overview, and you simply upload it to ROS. 
That’s it. smile 

  1. Haven't done this before so do I need to request Bullet HQ to upload it or is there a function there for me to do it?
  2. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Hi Karen,
    It's dead simple, goes like this.
    Add your bills and generate your invoices like normal.
    Bullet keeps track of all the VAT in and out.
    When you're VAT return is due, you'll see a ToDo appear on your Dashboard.
    Click, download the file, and upload it to your ROS account.
    That's it.
  3. ah ok got it...! thanks :)
  4. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Cool- remember if you've any Q's or your anxious about anything just click the help button and someone will be there to help.
  5. I am not seeing a To Do item for my VAT Return in my dashboard, is was due yesterday 19th?
  6. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Hi Karen. I'll have a look at it for you. But, it will probably be tomorrow morning if that's ok.
  7. Thanks Peter

    Kind Regards
    Karen Swords
    Swordfish Design
    Please note my change of contact details:
    M 087 222 1305
    T 01 6287 850
    E karen@swordfishdesign.ie
    Co Meath
  8. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Hi Karen,

    I had a look at your account Swordfish Design under the email karen@swordfishdesign.ie and you haven't entered in any data. So I'm not sure how you expect Bullet to know what return to produce, maybe you can let me know?
    I also see the empty VAT return in the Todo's as I'd mentioned.
  9. I have been entering in my invoices - see screenshot of my dashboard attached... but no To Do item...
  10. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Let me have a look again. Did you set-up 2 accounts by any chance?
  11. I had a lot of issues when I was setting up the account, think I set up for a non-Irish account first and had to get that removed but then wouldn't let me set up Irish account... did eventually get it resolved...
  12. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Hi Karen,
    I just had a look. You've loaded all your info into the International product. You'll need to move it to the Irish product, that's why you're not seeing your VAT return.
    The screenshot I sent you is from the Irish product.
    You'll see on this video that I sent you that there is a link on the bottom for flicking tween the two.
    They're completely different servers/software so we can't migrate them across for you. What you can do is open a New Private Window in Firefox and login with your Irish account in that and leave the international account open in the normal browser window.

    Then you'll be able to copy that data across. Hope that helps.
  13. That is really annoying, thought this was all resolved.... I will start moving invoices across asap..
  14. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Hi Karen,
    Let me know when you've moved your data across and I'll delete your international account so it won't happen again.

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