How Do I Insert A Balance Into An Existing Debtors Account?

Q: How Do I Insert A Balance Into An Existing Debtors Account?

We started using BulletHQ at the start of our accounting year and I need to start entering last y/e balances into the Debtor accounts.  Any hints on where I can find the button to do this (although I’m sure it’s probably in front of me).

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Peter Connor Staff December 3, 2014

Hi Mary,
Are you looking to do a Journal Entry? Just click on My Company in the top right and then you’ll see Manual Journal Entries. You can enter anything into the system then, but make sure you’re OK with manual journal entries.
You can also just create one big bill for 2013, and one big invoice for 2013 etc and mark them as paid. Bullet, will create a tax return for this period (cause we’re always watching your back) but you can just make it as paid.
Hope that helps.

  1. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the quick response.

    That was my second option - I was curious to know if there was a 'amending/insert Opening Balance' button available (for laziness sake :) ). Manual Journal entries are my best friend for the last couple of months.

    Thanks again.

    Mary (Nexgen Plastics)
  2. Peter Connor December 3, 2014
    Hi Mary,

    Yep, it's a bit tricky and most people are new bee's signing up. We only keep the really top actions as workflows, this makes sure the app is really simple, but powerful. Like myself.

    I'm not allowed near them, every time I think I have them I'm wrong :(

    Mary Christmas!

  3. lmao - simple but powerful... as things should be...

    Mary Christmas indeed

    M :)

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