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Peter Connor Staff March 6, 2016

Jezzz and I’d written a beautiful response with pictures and love sonnets. 

  1. d.byrne1 March 6, 2016
    it is too easy to use:)
  2. d.byrne1 March 6, 2016
    How do I enter a receipt which is not from a customer? When I tried to enter it under Money In it asked for a client code.
  3. Peter Connor March 6, 2016
    A receipt is a bill. Just enter it in money out.
  4. d.byrne1 March 6, 2016
    Thanks. Sorry bad question. How do I entered a non customer lodgement, for example a grant.\
  5. Peter Connor March 6, 2016
    Money In / Grants.
  6. d.byrne1 March 6, 2016
    thanks - this seems to only allow us to enter a loan with a repayment schedule. There is no repayment.
  7. Peter Connor March 6, 2016
    You'll have to use a manual journal entry to submit that. If you're not familiar with journal entries you can simply invite your accountant in to do it, it should only take a couple of minutes.
    Journal Entries are found in "Accountant & Reporting", in the top right
  8. Peter Connor March 6, 2016
    Hope that helps
  9. d.byrne1 March 6, 2016

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