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Peter Connor Staff September 7, 2017

An App Store just like Apple. https://www.bullethq.com/apps-page/
Thanks Pete

  1. So not actually '$Free 100%' or 'Free Forever' then.
  2. Peter Connor September 7, 2017
    Russell everything is explained on the site. The accounts product with invoicing, FX, bank rec etc etc etc is 100% free with no caps or limits.

    You can run a business making a million euro on that software and not pay a penny.

    So we are '$Free 100%' or 'Free Forever'.

    But, if you don't want to use us we'd recommend Xero. The features we off in our "Free" solution are the same as Xero's 40$ per month solution. That's $480 per annum.

    But, remember they won't work for your Irish Vat returns or any Irish payroll either.

    We're 6 years in business and still going strong. Most of our customers never pay a penny. The pricing model is designed for volume, it's called freemium. We believe accounts is a commodity.

    Hope you have a great day Russell. Remember the greatest product in the world is free also. That's love, Russell.

    You have a love filled day now. :)

  3. Thank you for explaining that Pete.

    I reserve my love for people, not products!
  4. Peter Connor September 11, 2017
    Ha, well they're made by people so it's love for people by proxy :)

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