How find what is wrong with an API call to add a new Invoice?

How find what is wrong with an API call – Free Online Small Business Accounting Software Questions & Answers

We are trying to use the API to add a new invoice from C# but we get a 400 (Bad Request) message. Is there any way to find out what is wrong with the request?

  1. Peter Connor January 12, 2015
    Hi Colin,

    I've passed this over to Lou, she'll be back to you now.



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Louise Miller Staff January 12, 2015

We have what the general error codes mean here :
Bad Request generally means you’re missing a parameter, its a safe bet to assume all parameters are mandatory. For creating invoices, use sample json call as a starting point. 

  1. colinmcbride January 12, 2015
    Hi Louise,
    Thanks for your quick reply, I am trying this at the moment but I think I am having a problem with the salesTaxCode as this is specific to the actual company is it not? From your website you say to set these up before you can use the API but I cannot find where to do this in the Portal?

  2. Louise Miller January 12, 2015
    Hi Colin,

    Sales Taxes are set up under the Tax->Sales Taxes on the left navigation. This is only for the international version of Bullet. If you are infact a user on the Irish product, then Sales Taxes wont be there.

    If you're using the api for the Irish version, you should be looking at the api docs here : . For this api, dont use salesTaxCode, instead it should be, for example : "vatRate" : 0.23000

  3. colinmcbride January 12, 2015
    Ah, that makes sense, great, thank you.


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