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Peter Connor Staff October 18, 2015

Sales tax? Are you an Irish company?

  1. I want to add VAT and Service tax and Exice Duty in the invoice. We arr Indian company.
  2. Do you have any Indian customer, or you have any representative in India....?
  3. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Hi. We've a good few Indian companies.
  4. you have any representative in India who is taking care of your sales activity here?
  5. if not then we are interested to become your partner in india
  6. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    No sales rep's anywhere. Any questions we can answer them here.
    Our product is freemium so it doesn't suit the sales model. But thanks for asking.
  7. okay
  8. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    You can add any tax rules you like under tax in the left nav
  9. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Are you a sales company?
  10. yes sales + projects
  11. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    What's the most common accounting product in India. It's probably our 4th most popular market.
  12. Tally is the most commonly used for accounting @ most of the places, you can visit this http://www.tallysolutions.com/website/html/index.php
  13. but as compared to Tally your way of accounting is the more easier
  14. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Thanks I'll check that out.
    Indeed we've built all the accounting logic into the workflows.
    So we're like a Xero but a big layer of Ui/Ux with all the rules built in.
  15. tally needs to trained operator but your way is very easier and operator friendly, i have few doubts in my mind?
  16. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Ha. Everyone does. Let me know. What makes you anxious.
  17. what is the security of the data that is being stored at your end?
  18. Unable to found the tax option
  19. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    256 bit encryption at the front end. Same as a bank.
    Servers split across two hosting platforms with the likes of NASA etc. Year paid in advance.
    No sure why you missed the Tax. It's main nav on the left.
    We'll be launching better TOdos to help that I boarding.
  20. can you share snap of it
  21. still unable to locate the option..
  22. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Hmm. Shoot me a screen shot. Is the account setup under this address?
  23. chk this out..
  24. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Ok let me have a look at your account, 2 min.
  25. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    You didn't select this "registered for tax", in the drop down. Just create a new account and you'll see it. Then the "tax", options will appear.
  26. but what about the registered acc
  27. is same email id is accepted for the same?
  28. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Just rename the old company (current one) as DELETE THIS COMPANY.
    Then in the top nav click create new company, and create your new company.
    We'll delete the old one tonight.
  29. hey found it, Thanks :)
  30. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
  31. one more, last question, do you have any plans to grow your business in India..? or how we become part of your business growth.?
  32. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    We're focused on a US launch this Spring.
    We'll look at India after that, but social is our route and that usually filters from the US out.
    Thanks for asking though, but like I said we don't have an affiliate model.
  33. ok, fine Good look for your spring release, if you have any business opportunity for us we are always ready to help you out.....:)
  34. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Cool, and thanks.

    Let me know if I can help in any way. I had a look at Tally - it looks like it was made 20 years ago.
  35. yes it is, its look is same as of there first version but features are very good and improved over the period of time as per the tax policies and customer requirements till date tally is the one of the most popularly used Accounting sw tool in India
  36. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Are there many taxes in India. We got the impression tax was a lose term in India. As in it was there but not really administered.
  37. in India two governing body workout the taxes one is state tax and other central government tax
  38. central gov tax policy is followed in whole country but the state tax policy is different as per the individual state goverment
  39. so too meany taxes and too meany governing bodies
  40. but from next financial year GST will become effective and this multiple taxation issue will be resolved GST bill is in parliamentary approval process
  41. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    And is the tax enforced?
  42. yes it is, but with some exceptions. do you have any plans to make bullets offline version?
  43. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Ah, I heard it wasn't and couldn't understand why people would use an accounting product. I know it's for managing a company but I don't think most SMB's would bother if they didn't have to pay tax.
    No we'll definitely never produce an offline version. But you can download mobile apps for receipts. It's currently not available international customers, but we'll be bringing out a better app soon.
  44. okay
  45. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Thanks for your help! Anything I can help you with you can get me here. Pete
  46. yes sure pete
  47. Thank you also for your help
  48. we are also software developers in the field of industrial automation
  49. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Cool - well if you want you can use our API and build a tool to automate Indian companies GST.
    Bullets free to use, so make selling your product easy
  50. will try for it
  51. we provide customized software for machine operations how do they need GST?
  52. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    I don't understand.
    I think you see an op for Bullet in India. You make software and the current competitor is terrible. You could build a tool like turbotax to do the GST tax return for Indian businesses.

    Take advantage of Bullet being free and package the two together. Bullet will do all the heavy lifting and you just take the cream.

    We two companies doing that here. One is software for estate agents the other is a tax return.

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