Import CSV file from AIB, invalid header

I’m trying to import transactions from bank account (AIB), please note this is personal banking and not IBB. I’ve exported the transactions to a CSV file, but when I try to upload them I get an error stating: Invalid header.
Any help appreciated.

  1. john_bullet April 6, 2014
    Hi ankles! Email the file to and we'll take a look...

1 answer

john_bullet Staff April 6, 2014

Hi Ankles,
We only support the iBB exports currently, but if you select ‘Other…’ from the dropdown list on the ‘Import Statement’ screen, it will give you instructions on how to create a “generic” CSV file that we support.  You can likely just swap a few columns and delete a few, save it back as a CSV file and you should be able to upload it.


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