I Am Looking To Generate P60s For Staff From Last Year And Also A P35

Q: I Am Looking To Generate P60s For Staff From Last Year And Also A P35?

Hi there,
Our end of year is 31 Dec and I am looking to generate P60s for staff from last year and also a P35.
I cant seem to find where to generate these? When an employee finished working with us and wants their P45 I am not sure how to do this either.
I see that you guys have changed your billing system – great idea. Do I need to change our package to include payroll?
Are there any other end of year reports I need to generate such as VAT and USC ?
You can see the non accountant side now… 🙂
Any help would be appreciated.

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Peter Connor Staff February 18, 2014

Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve created a movie to show you how to get those reports P60s etc.
Bill when the billing kicks in you’ll just be prompted to put in your CC card. So you don’t need to work about stuff not working. I hope the pricing change helps.
You’ll need an accountant to do your year end, I wouldn’t try and do it yourself. As it has to be written up management reports added (we provide them too) etc. Pete

  1. Hi Peter,

    Thanks a million - where can I view the movie?

    I have terminated all our staff and uploaded the P45's to ROS - but get an error when I go to view the P60.

    That grand about the billing - we will probably have some employees for a few months during the year - so I guess this way we only pay for the payroll service when we need it.

    I plan to get an accountant to the year end, I am curious about it all, still learning as I go!

    Thanks for you help
  2. Peter Connor February 18, 2014
    Hi lou

    We've identified the problem with the P60 generation - all your employees are on emergency tax because there are not tax details entered for them. We'll update our software tonight to fix this issue, but it is unusual for an employee to be on emergency tax for more than a few weeks, and all the employees you have are on emergency tax, because there are no tax details entered for them. This is almost certainly wrong - you only put people on emergency tax while you don't know their tax details, and then you enter their tax details as soon as you find them out.
  3. Brendan_Brady May 22, 2014
    This works out correct

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