I had to tidy up my Google drive and deleted some of the folders containing my receipts (having stored tem on my computer). I then realised that all of the links to the receipts on Bullet were broken

I had to tidy up my Google drive and deleted some of the folders containing my receipts (having stored tem on my computer). I then realised that all of the links to the receipts on Bullet were broken

  1. I have since brought the files back in teh same folder structures as I had them before. But the lnks seem to be still broken
  2. Can anything be done?
  3. Otherwise I have lost a year worth of attachment of receipts, which is a bit of a disaster.
  4. Can you help?
  5. Sabine

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Peter Connor Staff February 20, 2016

Hi Sabine. So that’s ok. Once you have the receipts then revenue are happy. Linking them to you Bullet input is just to make like easier for you.
So just keep them in the Google folder and you’ll be cool.

  1. Yes, but that;s not good enough
  2. I have spent hours linking them to make it easier for my accountant to check
  3. I rarely use google drive and I am unaware of such limitations, it could be useful to make it more obvious to your users....
  4. Another issue that keeps cropping up is that he screen is rather slow loading.
    Is there a way to archive, say the whole of 2015, to avoid having such a slow response when navigatingt the system?
  5. Coming back to the first issue
  6. Could you make the path top the file name on Google drive so that this does not happen again or at least that when the docs have been removed, if the link does not die if the document structure is restored at later stage.
  7. Peter Connor February 20, 2016
    Sorry you feel like that. But we don't control Google nor how it works. Maybe get onto Larry or Sergey about it.
    We monitor the speed of the servers it's important to use. People use Bullet for its speed were about 8 times faster then Wave. So I'll have a look at the performance and see if something is up.
    Thanks for letting a us know about the speed. Again sorry you feel about Google that way but like I said. Google control it, new links I suspect are recreated because of the size and security issues around Google but it's out of our control.
  8. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for taking the time to answer.
    O course I don't expect you to change the way Google works, but all I needed to know is whether this can be restored or not, as I am not too familiar with Google Drive.
    Would similar issues apply to DropBox content? Or are the links more manageable there? Do you know.?

    Anyhow, re: speed, is there a way to speed things by archiving a year's worth of accounting at the time? It could unclogg access, if some of the content was archived.
    Let me know
  9. Peter Connor February 20, 2016
    Hi Sabine,
    No problem.
    I'd suspect the issue is the same with all the hosted drives. The links I suspect get regenerated and therefore to a system would be classed as new.
    We don't archive anything or won't. It impacts how our reports are generated. We like to deliver live reports as our customers want.
    I will have a look at the servers speed. It shouldn't be slow.
    Thanks again. Remember you Revenue will just look for a copy. I also don't think your accountant is going to check each one. They normally just look for gaps.
    Hope that helps. Pete.
    Ps stick with google drive it's a good service.
  10. Thanks

    BTW, I loved your e-book on how to raise funding. I had already explored some of the avenues you mentioned. And found other ones I was not aware of.
    Anyhow, I managed to get into one of the accelerators (the DCU Ryan Academy for what they term 'female high fliers'....which sounds a bit silly, but free support and mentoring cannot be wrong).

  11. Peter Connor February 20, 2016
    Hi S,
    That's great I'm glad it helped.
    I did a talk out in DCU Ryan Academy for the high fliers a couple of years ago. Most of the users of Bullet are women and our campaign into the US will be towards females. 35% of all SMBs in the US are female owned!
    I think that just shows you when men aren't in the way women succeed.

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