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Could you add columns in the .CSV Bank Import file that allow me to 1) CODE the transaction and 2) MATCH the transaction. At the moment the columns are Date, Description, Money Out  and Money In.
Code the transaction: Could you Add “BANK” (the one being imported) and CODE (Account code for the transaction)
Match the transaction: If a transaction is coded to Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable add a MATCH column to allow the amount to be matched to one (or more) invoices.

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Peter Connor Staff March 2, 2015

Hi Peter, 
I’m afraid at the moment the Coding and Transactions have to be done in Bullet. We apply logic to those matches and coding. 
There is a plan to rebuild the rec engine but I think we’ll be focusing more on the automating the matching. People rarely use the correct coding, so we’ll look to do that as part of the automation.

  1. March 2, 2015
    Thanks Pete
    Please keep me updated and keep up the good work. Your on-line solution is more flexible than others in my view. As a Management Accountant I luuve flexibility! :-)
  2. Peter Connor March 2, 2015
    Thanks Peter. :)

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