Import Old Bullet Online Accounting Info Into New Account

Import Old Bullet Online Accounting Info Into New Account?

Hi I had to change to a non-vat bullet account so you said to set up a new bullet account entirely. I exported everything from my old account but can I import it into the new account? thanks.

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Peter Connor Staff October 9, 2014

Hi Paul,
I’m afraid there is no way to import the data. You can’t really import any data from one accounting product to another, even the same one. The data that gets exported is ‘processed data’, as in it’s been manipulated. So it doesn’t go back in. 
If you have a lot of data you can always register for VAT, remember Bullet automates your VAT returns so there is almost no work just a click of an upload button.

  1. paulmccarthy October 9, 2014
    So the data entry I did with receipts etc - is there any way to retrieve that?
  2. Peter Connor October 9, 2014
    Hey P,

    Are you talking about the images of the receipts?

  3. paulmccarthy October 12, 2014
    Yes the images and then all the data I input.
Peter Connor Staff October 13, 2014

Hi Paul,
The product was built for SMB’s so all the receipts are listed, as normally in small companies there aren’t any sign off or hierarchy. But, I can see now how that could become a pain.
We’ve added the function to skip receipts and to see who’s owns there into the development cycle. This should hopefully fix your problem. 

Sorry for the hassle with this. Bullet is always in Development, getting better and better as we go on. 

  1. nattykuume May 8, 2019
    This was 2014, I assume importing is now possible?

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