Importing invoice lists from Excel?

Question: Importing invoice lists from Excel


I have been using excel for over a year now to do my accounts for a small business. It’s been a minor disaster. Can I import sales/purchase invoice lists that I have in excel if they are formatted correctly to a CSV file?

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Peter Connor Staff August 21, 2014

Hi Anthony,
I have some good news and some bad news. 
Good News
Bullets automated system means you never have to worry about things getting into a mess. We automate tax returns, capture receipts so  you can bin them, and on.
Bad News
It’s not a good idea to import your spreadsheets, as you said it’s a mess. If you bring a mess into Bullet the system will just produce a mess ‘Crap in Crap out’.
As a result we don’t allow it, but if you have a bank account you can do a bank rec and import that way. We’ll then run your through the steps. Here is a super simple video showing you how simple it is.
We also need to ask you specific questions that you mightn’t have been tracking in your spreadsheet. 
Hope that helps Anthony. 

Importing invoice lists from Excel

Importing invoice lists from Excel


  1. Anthony59 August 21, 2014
    Thanks for the very quick response. Can I add in all my data for the past year? If so, how would the system handle any incorrect returns I may (or hopefully may not) have made?
    One other question. I don't have a fixed wage as things go up and down. I pay myself on an irregular basis. Can I set up an account like 'Directors wages' and using that to account for any payments made to me? I'm not trying to get out of paying the 'Payroll' fee as it is well worth it. I'm just trying to make sure this will work for me before I start a loooong process if getting things up to date.
  2. Peter Connor August 21, 2014
    Hi Anthony, I'll answers your questions below
Peter Connor Staff August 21, 2014

Can I add in all my data for the past year?
Yep, if you say have 10 invoices for the BIG Company Ltd we’ll prompt you after each invoice for Big Company do you want to create another invoice for Big Company. It’s supppppper fast. 
If so, how would the system handle any incorrect returns I may (or hopefully may not) have made?
It won’t handle them Bullet is designed not to let you make a mistake. So what you’ll need to do is get your accountant to use the manual journal entries to amend the entries. (don’t try this yourself). 
If you haven’t made any returns, then enter the data into Bullet and we’ll generate the correct returns. 
Or simply start from your next return.
Can I set up an account like ‘Directors wages’ and using that to account for any payments made to me?
If you’re a sole trader you don’t pay yourself, so you don’t need to account for it. Revenue just look at everything that comes into the company bank account as wages. 
If you’re a limited company, the only way you can pay yourself is via payroll. But thats ok, cause we make it very simple to pay yourself any amount you want. We also allow you to pay yourself whatever is left in the bank account. So say you only have 1,000 left in the bank and you want to pay yourself the max knowing some of that 1,000 is for tax.
Simply pick the option and put 1000 in and Bullet handles all the taxes and says you can tax 500 out (for example) and routes the rest for your tax bill. 
We also let you ramp up legitimate mileage so you can pay yourself in expenses. Oh, we do that automatically too.
Getting out of payroll.
I know Anthony but maybe that’s why your books are in a mess. If you’re trying to fix things then just do them the simplest way. Start from fresh in Bullet and you’ll never miss a trick, and the great thing is you don’t even have to think about it, we do.
Making this a smart choice and you more attractive to Super Models. That’s a fact!

  1. Anthony59 August 21, 2014
    That's great info. Thanks fort he speedy response.
    I'll have a good look around it to see it in more detail.
  2. Anthony59 August 21, 2014
    The last one, I promise (ish)
    Say I have a supplier invoice with multiple VAT rates, how do I enter it? eg
    Bill is €132.99 =
    Calls are €100+VAT@23%
    Insurance is €9.99 @ 0% VAT

  3. Anthony59 August 22, 2014
    Opps, didn't realise you could add different vat rates when you add a new line.
    Gonna take the plunge and go with Bullet.
    Thanks again for the help

    BTW You guys have got to get more online visibility. I was searching through options for accounting software for a few days and it was only when I tried to find out about Gnucash that I stumbled upon a thread in Boards that you put up. Feels like I found it by accident..
  4. Peter Connor August 22, 2014
    Sorry Anthony,

    Just getting to this now. I think you've answered your questions.

    Yep we're working on that. What terms where you searching for can you remember?

  5. Anthony59 August 22, 2014
    Cloud accounting Ireland
  6. Peter Connor August 22, 2014
    Ah we don't target that key words if you do a search for 'accounting software' in you'll see we're on the homepage.
  7. Anthony59 August 22, 2014
    To me, accounting software is something you download and cloud accounting is what you guys do. But that's just me.. I have been wrong before, once in 1996 :-)
  8. Peter Connor August 22, 2014
    Ha, that made me laugh Anthony. If you want use you can use Google Keywords Planner to see how wrong you are :)

    We use the top searched terms, and you're right I'd think it was for downloading. Although I'd use the term Online not Cloud. Cloud is so 1996!

  9. Anthony59 August 22, 2014
    Damn it!! Now I have to add 2014 to my error list..

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