Incorrectly assigned an account to a payment.

Incorrectly assigned an account to a payment – Free Online Small Business Accounting Software Questions & Answers

I recorded a payment to a stationary provider and marked it as paid from the Current Account.
However, I should have recorded it against a Credit Card.
Bullet will not let me edit the transaction as it has already been included in a VAT3 return.
I don’t want to change anything else on the transaction expect which account it was paid from.
How can I change the transaction?


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Peter Connor Staff June 8, 2015

You have two options. 
1) Get your accountant to go into Bullet and make the manual changes via our manual journal entries. Then resubmit an amended VAT3 return.
2) Ignore :). I’m not sure what the value of the item was but if it wasn’t a lot I’d probably just ignore it. 
Let me know if that helps.


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