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Hi, since the last invoice of December 2014, whenever I try to create new invoice the system increments invoice number from the last in 2014, for example 2014/1523 (when the last invoice in December was for example 2014/1522).
Now in 2015 I have to manually enter invoice number since the system wants to issue an invoice 2014/1523 instead of current 2015/003.
How can I rectify that?
Cheers, Greg

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Peter Connor Staff January 22, 2015

Hi Greg,
I’m afraid we’ve no way around that. We’ll take whatever standard you want to create and increment it by +1, but always taking the top number and adding a +1 to stop duplications. 
The system doesn’t know that 2014/15 is a date like it doesn’t know 22012015 is a date, we just use free text there to allow people to add letters etc.
We looked at doing this, as John my co-founder has a particular way of doing invoice numbers but people found it either too confusing or just didn’t care. 
So we took it out. 
Thanks Greg, not the answer you’re looking for but hopefully an answer all the same.


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