Is there a way to create a different Invoice template?

Hi guys,
Is there a way to create a different Invoice template?
Such as adding the project title or the likes?

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Peter Connor Staff July 23, 2014

Sorry for the delay with this.
We’re working to rebuild the invoice engine including templates. What changes would you have in mind?

mediafy July 23, 2014

Hi Pete,
Main one would be if a project name could be added to the top of the invoice with invoice number below.
I’m adding it to the comments at the moment – but It’d be great if it was a field (which would also show up in the list of invoices to differentiate between jobs for the same client)
Changing fonts size and stuff would be great too.
Love the service by the way,

  1. Peter Connor July 23, 2014
    Good points David. I've added them to our UI review spreadsheet that we look at once a week. If people keep requesting things they get built if they don't we don't (Boooooo).

    Basically we made up a rule is it good for one or for everyone. Building simple products that do complex things mean you've to be a bit mean.

    We're going to rebuild the invoice engine. If you want ping me on peter at and I'll shoot you some mocks and things we're looking to do.

    Thanks glad you like it, we hate accounts so soon it will be fully automated.

  2. mediafy July 23, 2014
    Great stuff - Cheers Pete!


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