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Since the recent invoicing format was changed at the beginning of the year, from local PDF files to an on-line link.
We’ve had multiple clients advise that they have simply not received any invoice emails from us. One or two and I might have passed it off as clients fobbing us off… but there has been numerous clients (6+) claiming they never received any such emails/invoices from us. The only reason they’re noticing this as we’ve sent them end of month statements containing Invoice X.
I’m posting this to the public forum as I’m curious if this is just a reported problem with us or are other BulletHQ users experiencing this?

Cheers guys.

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Peter Connor Staff March 6, 2015

Hi C, So we’ve heard some mention of that, and we’ve updated the email invoice to be big and have a big call to action, you also get a read receipt to see if they’re telling porkies, we’ll be adding the read receipt to the invoice view so you can see historically if the invoice has been open.  This should resolve the issue, if it doesn’t let me know.  PS We’re updating the Customer statements too – so you’ll be able to just send invoices outstanding. 

New Invoice Template Email

New Invoice Template Email

.. and the invoice Read Receipt  
Invoice Template Gmail

Invoice Template Gmail


  1. Fridayluck March 6, 2015
    The read receipts would be a big help! but at the moment they seem to be hit n miss (I wasn't sure if that was by design?)
    I notice the new draft of invoices and it is a lot clearer that the previous one.
    This is what I assumed was happening... 'people claiming not to have received the invoice when it was just the new link that they were missing' however some of our clients have claimed not to have received any email whatsoever...!!
Peter Connor Staff March 7, 2015

Hi C,
You get a read receipt with every mail, so you should be seeing them all the time. We’ll bring the read receipts into the overview page too.
Read receipts only work if they allow downloadable images, so some people have that turned off.
Sure we had a problem with the old invoice notice design, the link was too small. The new design went live during the week, so that should stop now. 
We definitely don’t have a problem mailing invoices, we do 90k of them a month for adverts.ie so if there was a problem we’d know about it. 
Let me know how you get on over the next week, if people are having a problem let me know the persons email and invoice, then we can have a deeper look.

Thanks C

  1. Fridayluck March 9, 2015
    Thanks Pete,
    Like I've said... I don't know if it was just us, but felt it was worth raising it in case other BulletHQ users experience this. Read receipts would obv be a big help...
    But even the new invoice email format is much clearer than the previous one.
    Will keep u posted. Thanks,
  2. Peter Connor March 9, 2015
    Thanks man. Always keep us in the loop. That's the idea of the open communtiy site. Nobodies hiding.


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