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Why can i not ( or can I ) show stg account details when i invoice in stg and euro account details when i invoice in euro?

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Louise Miller Staff April 13, 2015

The way to do this is to create a separate invoice branding and use this branding when creating invoices for the other currency. 
Invoice Brandings are a menu option on the left – Invoices -> Invoice Brandings
So for example if most of your invoices are in euro, but some will be in GBP, then create a invoice branding, put in the relevant details and set the Bank account for that Branding to your GBP bank account.
Then whenever you create a GBP invoice, set the branding of the invoice ( in advanced invoices options) to this new Branding.
For your Euro invoices, you can continue to use the default company details.
Hope that helps


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