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Hi there
I am a sole trader and have not started taking drawings or wages from the business account yet.  Bullet is reminding me that a P30 is overdue.  Should i upload one for €0.00 or just ignore it?
many thanks

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thepalv May 20, 2015

Thanks Pete
I don’t have employees but when using the Bullet app for receipts I input that I had used my own money for some purchases.  This set me up as an employee – I have since deleted payments for these items and put down payment as having come from my personal bank account.  Then I deleted the employee.  But still there is the P30 on my homepage.

Peter Connor Staff May 20, 2015

Ah so that’s what’s going on. You can still have employees as a Sole Trader (hence the payroll app) and employees can claim expenses. 
As you know Sole Traders can’t claim money back. 
You can do the following.
1) Delete the app
2) If the P30 is still there just mark it as paid, and it will disappear. 
That’s it 🙂
Hope that helps Ailbhe,

  1. thepalv May 20, 2015
    Great, thanks!

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