PAYE Amount looks wrong

I’m trying to file Payroll for myself in my own company, after 6 months having my payroll looked after by another company.
I am a Director in my company, and was a Director for the first 6 months also.
I’m seeing a huge difference in the amount of PAYE which is being calculated on the same Gross amount.
Old amount was 424/wk, now it’s 737.29
The same for USC, which is now less than was before.
Old amount was 66.74/wk, now it’s only 12.69
Please advise,

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Peter Connor Staff August 21, 2017

We’ve had our Payroll Software running for nearly 6,000 companies with no issue. 
If you haven’t used the P2C file to set yourself up then it’s a data entry issue I’m afraid. 
Delete everything and import the P2C file from Revenue. We automatically setup everything for you based on Revenue calc’s (we don’t interpret them).
The other issue could be that the person that did you payroll prior did it wrong. 
We simply get your P2C file and build calculation based on Revenues rules. 

  1. Hi Pete,
    Thanks for the reply.

    I'll check my input figures again.

    What's strange is that the first two weeks of PAYE calculations look really wrong, but every week after that looks just right. They match up with what was being calculated before.

  2. Peter Connor August 22, 2017
    Sure, make sure you've javascript enabled on your browser. If you click the (?) in the top right corner you'll get instant chat support. This is more for people outside of Bullet asking accounting questions.

    Make sure you use the P2C file - we don't support manual entries - they're always wrong :(


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