Prepayments, accruals, directors loans

Hello, I can not seem to find an account for prepayments and Director’s loans. Is there any way to record prepayments and director’s loan in the system?
Thank you,

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Peter Connor Staff April 27, 2015

Hi Maria,
Add Directors Loans:
This is how you add directors loans you can also just click Money In > Add Loan or Grant.
Make A Payment:
Simply go the the Money Out section, click on the Loan and on the right you’ll see Make a Payment.
Hope that helps


  1. Hey thanks for the answer! how about prepayments/accruals? Is there a way to add them?
  2. Peter Connor April 28, 2015
    Repayments of the loan?
  3. Brendan_Brady May 7, 2015
    HI Maria

    Prepayments and accruals are added via manual journal entries. For example, for an accrual you should credit the accrual and debit the relevant expense, and for prepayments you should debit the prepayment and credit the relevant P&L account.

    Does this make sense?

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