Record an overpayment to a clients account

Question: How To Record An Overpayment To A Clients Account

Hi There,
A client has overpaid me, how can i record an accurate client statement as bullet wont let me allocate the excess to the clients account which should show a negative value owing.

  1. bgarvanman August 31, 2014
    Ok, I recorded a invoice with a negative value for the amount of the overpayment and then just allocated to the existing invoices as a workaround, but can get messy down the road is client is looking for a statement.


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Peter Connor Staff September 1, 2014

Hi Denis,
You can issue your client a credit note and refund the money. We don’t have ‘client credit accounts’, we just focus on core features to keep the UI as clean and simple. 
Hope that helps

  1. bgarvanman September 1, 2014
    Ok, That should work, Tks Peter



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