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Under Accountants & Report Tools, Profit & Loss, From 01 Jan 2014 to 31 Dec 2014. I notice that the sales figure per the P&L does not reconcile to the individual transaction that are in the sales account. For example, when I click into the sales on the P&L account and tot up all the transactions, the total of the debit and credit column is different to what’s being reported on the P&L.

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john_bullet Staff May 18, 2015

For reasons we are still investigating, there were 3 additional Sales account entries that were being pulled in by the P&L, but not the sales account report itself.  These 3 additional Sales account entries look to have been created some time ago and left in the system when they should have been removed.  We have manually removed them for you (your P&L should now equal the credit-debit value of the Sales account report).  We’ll continue to look into how those additional 3 Sales entries (all related to your sales credit notes) were left in the system. 


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